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June 28, 2022


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Amazing! comments allowed! Anonymous comments allowed! Amazing!

Of course, Lubet will delete them at will and willy nilly.

The immediate reaction was to recall all the comments on this site calling anyone who comments anonymously "a coward," veiled threats ("I know who you are"), sort of "serious" comments decrying anonymity and the off-putting odious stance that no anonymous comment is worth response.

Now, here we have a PUBLIC FORUM. A court. A place where one would think that anonymity should NEVER be permitted, because the public has a right to know who the judges are ruling in favor of. Think about the "conflict of interest" issue and "code of conduct" issues that Lubet advocates.

Lubet seems to understand anonymity when he wants to understand it. Too bad he vilifies anonymous posters on this site by: a.) arbitrarily closing or deleting comments and b.) labeling any anonymous comment unworthy of any response!

Think of student evaluations. Think of the name of this site, the "Faculty Lounge." We all know that the law faculties are a judgmental gossipy clique totally unable to tolerate views that are not in sync with their latest "politically correct" dogma.

Again, Lubet, do you not understand? And, please don't plead "self defense" ... you use your time to criticize others. In the past, you have engaged against persons who may or may not have deserved what you dished out. You are in no position to demand immunity.

HEre, Lubet invites a consideration of the conduct of attorneys. Does he tell us the terms of the retainers? Does he analyze the ruling of the court as it relates to the options for the plaintiffs and the way that issue would interact with "causation" in a tort case?

Nah ... it is just speculation. "I asked some friends in the legal ethics professoriate whether the losing plaintiffs, now forced either to identify themselves or drop the suit, have a cause of action against their lawyers."

That's teh way experienced and reasoned analysis is always grounded!

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