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April 22, 2022


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John Trasvina

Thank you for expressing so well what Michael meant to you and to so many of us. Michael set the highest standards for all of us and was the first to lift us up. For me, it started when I was a law student and he spoke on the Stanford campus for Cinco de Mayo. He brought me into the MALDEF orbit as a summer law clerk and eventually I became president and general counsel. Thank you for including Maria Pabon Lopez and me for a chapter in his book. We must carry on without him for the justice work that remains.

Jon Weinberg

I'm gutted by this loss. Michael's kindness, his erudition, and his willingness to give of himself were inspiring. I'm grateful to have known him, and I'm stunned that he's gone.

Cheryl Wade

I am devastated by this news. Michael was an inspiration to me. I will miss him.

Dan Rodriguez

Thank you for this wonderful post. He was my friend and hero. I owe him so much. He meant so much to so many.

Francine J. Lipman

💔🦾🙏🏿No words, just gut-wrenching shock. I just sent him an email recently and received the automatic message that he was recovering from knee surgery. Rest in power Professor Michael A. Olivas.


Thank you folks for the comments. He was figuratively and literally a giant. And thank you for sharing your love for this great person. For those of us that were blessed to work with him, we can attest to his presence and his tough love---boy was he was one tough bird---I am sure he is annoyed with earlier drafts of the original post, which contained errors--was crying out loud penning much of it. Other than my parents, no one influenced me more than mi cuate--- Ironically, we fought all the time over my work: how I could improve it--precision with my language or ensuring I was exhaustive with my research-- or some related matter to make me a better advocate and writer. He was my mentor, muse, and the (extremely young) grandfather I never had. He will always be my hero---crying once again. Love you, Michael!!!!

Kellye Testy

Hero, friend, beloved Michael, oh how we will miss you.
A devastating loss of a giant for law and justice… sending love to his family and friends and though deep shared grief, saying for now “Thank You, Michael, thank you, we are grateful for and to you. Rest In Peace and Power.”

Roberta Cooper Ramo

Michael was a proud and wonderful example of the long history of Hispanic Intellectuals of New Mexico. He will be missed, but leaves not just a legacy of great work, but many who will carry on in his name. And the wonderful twinkle of his eyes now in the New Mexico sky.

Roberta Cooper Ramo

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