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March 31, 2021


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Ediberto Roman

I want to mention I may have never become a law professor without the support of of Mary Lu and Ruthann Robson. I recall when I was interviewing at CUNY a lifetime ago, and I was utterly bombing my interview. They could tell I was nervous, and in such a kind and non-male-like gesture, they pulled me aside and reminded my to be myself and tell my story. The advice was invaluable and helped me become the pugnacious scholar I am today. While I will not comment on the events relating to her Mary Lu's resignation, I will always appreciate her for her friendship and mentorship.


There is some tension between the zero tolerance demand for termination upon a single slip up and critical race theory's recognition that all are, at some level, consciously or not, racist. For would be Robespierres, remember there is a Thermidor.

George Danton

The French Revolution allusion is quite apt. Has the Cancel Culture begun to devour its own?

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