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August 27, 2020


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"mitigate old-fashioned education and research dogmas"

Greatly describes the reason must institutions are failing so miserably today: the insane notion that "newly-fashioned" is always better.

To be sure, technology has taken some big leaps. But "education and research"?

Hopefully, it wouldn't take a full century for an educated human to realize how little "education and research" has improved.

Ediberto Roman

Okay, Steve, I will agree to renegotiate my tenure for a max of 200,000 years---I kick my kids out after 250-350, and then I save as much as I can for the next 175,000 or so. I get additional degrees and study the "newly-fashioned" ways to teach--Anon, "Advanced Zoom" courses, perhaps? Being a professor that long, I might just have a shot to give a talk at or publish with Harvard????

I then travel the world several times over. I run with the bulls, take on Everest, get divorced and remarry my bride after I date everyone, visit every baseball facility in the world, and I continue to train in more martial arts--collecting every black belt as I age. Then, like the Sims, I take on different lifestyles and occupations--jewel thief is always something I wish I had the nerves for--but knowing I have at least several thousand years left--I should be relaxed. There will likely be a need to address overpopulation? But my values will likely rule out being a mercenary---I will consider it though(university types???). I become a hippie for several centuries---heavy drugs is something I never tried, but pondered. I would certainly become a monk for 500,000 years or so--but how about reincarnation???? I would try film--ham at heart--I know I can be an amazing Bond: Can you imagine---"Bond, Diego, Bond." "Jamie Bond," just doesn't work for me.

Most importantly, like Larry David, I just might witness my N.Y. Jets winning a Super Bowl---their odds have to improve, no???? About the same chances I would have to publish with or teach at Harvard Law in a million years---I can perhaps become a donor after a big heist: Can you imagine: Berto Hall???? I love it--sign me up!!!!


I would like to live that long to see Trump’s tax returns finally released, after all appeals are finally exhausted.

Thomas Cruise

Scientologists joining the elite “Sea Org” sign a billion year contract upon entering.

They would be barely started on this commitment after 100 million.

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