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June 07, 2018


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Nobody would care about these unranked schools if there was enough work, clients, fees for all of the practicing lawyers who wanted it. Until the real issue is confronted, the "grotesque oversaturation of lawyers" this poster is going to be scapegoating these schools. When in actuality, every school from Harvard on down is to blame. The dentists got smart and closed several dental schools. Being n a solo or small firm lawyer is not longer a reliable path to a middle class lifestyle. My income and work has not returned to pre-recession levels. I know many attorneys in the same position as me.


One has to agree that this limp action by the ABA does more harm than good. It is so sad that the ABA has fallen into a state that most closer observers can only conclude proves that the ABA is incompetent (or, if it is intentionally muddying the waters and making any real enforcement nearly impossible) captured and thus ... (fill in the blank here).

David: in the materials to which you have access, can you say how the changes made will affect "diversity" and "opportunity"?

David Frakt

anon -

I have no information regarding how Cooley's changes will affect diversity at the school.


It seems that the absence of this information is telling.

After hearing for years that nothing can be done about sub standard law schools for fear of "disadvantaging" those whose "opportunity" to get ripped off by rapacious, greedy law school operators would be threatened by fair enforcement of MINIMAL standards, it seems that there is no proof - ever - in the pudding.


I sued the ABA twenty years ago for having a revolving door of impossible conflicts with these low tier law schools. The ABA accreditation team is tied in with the administration at these schools, and the ABA has no objectivity and no desire to fix the schools. I said this 20 years ago and no one listened to me. Finally the Tribune picked it up -- does this sound familiar:

Law deans linked to accrediting task
ABA executives hired by schools
February 15, 2004|By Ameet Sachdev, Tribune staff reporter.

In December, Concord Law School, a 5-year-old online law school, hired Barry Currier as its new dean.
A senior official involved in accrediting law schools at the Chicago-based American Bar Association, Currier is among a number of ABA officials to become deans at fledgling, unaccredited law schools in recent years.
Officials at several law schools acknowledge that administrators like Currier provide credibility and help them meet the rigorous standards that are all important to a school's survival.
The coziness between the ABA and law schools, though, troubles some educators and others involved in accreditation. They question whether such hiring is at odds with the ABA's ethics policy and contend such arrangements raise the appearance of a conflict of interest.
"I think it's wrong that people in leadership in the accreditation process end up back at law schools doing business before the accreditation council," said Gary Palm, a Chicago lawyer who has served on the ABA's governing body overseeing law school accreditation. "Particularly where it's clear that they are there because of their special knowledge of the system.

David Frakt

ChicagoD -
Thanks for sharing.


I have always believed that all accreditation related reports, letters, self studies, etc should be publicably available. Maybe the feds can make this a requirement for federal student loans. Colleges, too, should be required to do so.

It is also time for the DOE to find another body to accredit law schools. ABA process is subject to regulatory capture and the big ABA’s Uber liberal, PC leanings.


It is time for the DOE to find another body to accredit law schools.

Can we all agree?

Can even the ABA agree?

At long last, have they no shame?

Dave Garrow

Wow is that 2004 Trib story striking--14 years ago! This is all SO sleazy, & it's never been fixed. I hesitate to think about what the sum total number of law students who've seen their lives harmed over this long period of time comes to....

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

^^^A number of these "poor, ruined and harmed" law students are not victims. They are nitwits who attended these schools for Michael Cohen cushy, easy money. It's the LaSalle Extension University advertised in the ads of Popular Mechanics circa 40s-70s.. next to the toilets that flush up and rug cleaner careers,,,"become aa law trained man" for an easy career. These people should have been mature enough to know that there is no free lunch in America, except for Pruitt and his wife. They like dried chicken sandwiches and greasy fries...

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