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July 27, 2016


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Jason Mazzone

FDR. 1936. Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

Al Brophy

Yes, that's exactly right, Jason. As soon as I saw your name I knew you'd have this one.

I was surprised to learn about this. I dimly recall knowing that the 1936 convention was in the Civic Center (now torn down). But the Franklin Field piece of this I didn't remember. This is all the more surprising because I took a course on modern American history in a building that was -- literally -- a stone's throw from Franklin Field. And we read Eric Goldman's Rendevous with Destiny, which takes its title from the most famous line in FDR's acceptance speech. Looking back on this earlier in the week I realized that we had just passed the 80th anniversary of the speech and I realized that I was on the Penn campus that very day. (My friends over at Drexel have been hosting me this summer, while I've been in Philly, which is where I grew up. So I've been on the Penn and Drexel campus a ton this summer. It is astonishing to me how much West Philly has changed since I lived here thirty years ago.)

On a separate note, I think there's a lot in the speech that fits with a long-running theme of "property rights" and "human rights."

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