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August 18, 2014


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Hope he will talk a bit about Florida Coastal.

John Steele

Would it be possible for David Frakt to post the PowerPoint slides he was using during the Florida Central presentation?


Who ended up getting the Florida Coastal dean gig?

terry malloy

Q: "Who ended up getting the Florida Coastal dean gig?"

A: Emperor Palpatine

Alfred L. Brophy

Welcome, David. I'm looking forward to your posts.


I was at the Frakt presentation. I admit, I was taken aback by his interview style of selling himself by telling off his prospective employer, but I was not insulted by the presentation. I have heard it all before. The truth is Florida Coastal is making the opportunity of becoming a lawyer available to a wider group of students, including, in particular, many African American and Hispanic law students. The school may take students with lower LSAT scores but it has consistently shown that those same students can pass the bar and become practicing lawyers. That, to me, is the result of good teaching, and something I am proud to be associated with.

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