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May 03, 2013


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Jeff Redding

Hi Alfred; you might be interested in Lee Edelman's alternative take on our obligations to the future, if you don't know of it already: Cheers!

Alfred Brophy

Thanks for this suggestion, Jeff. Looks quite interesting and I wasn't familiar at all with Edelman's book. I think Edelman's addressing a different set of questions, really -- and pitching at a smaller audience, obviously -- from Alexander. But I'd like to learn a little more about this topic. My interest in this is that assuming there are going to be future generations, what are the legally enforceable rights they have and what moral obligations do we owe them. The latter are going to be larger/more numerous than the former. And as a legal historian I'd be particularly interested in how previous generations have thought about their obligations to the future (which includes us).

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