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July 07, 2012


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Alfred Brophy

Bridget -- I think two of the people in the faculty lounge here tweet: Dan and Kim. Though perhaps they tweet only their posts and maybe you're looking for people who tweet something other than the introductions to their blog posts?

Beth Thornburg

Bridget -- I tweet about law and higher education issues as @btSMU.


Ryan Calo @rcalo University of Washington


Christopher Zorn

Hi --

A few of the ELS Blog ( gang tweet:

William Henderson (IU) at @wihender
Ted Eisenberg (Cornell) @TheEisenberg
(me at @prisonrodeo)


Jim Chen (Louisville) also tweets at chenx064
Rick Hasen (Loyola - LA) @rickhasen
Sam Bagenstos (UMich) @sbagen

Dan Filler

Also, Lisa McElroy.

Ross D. Silverman

Nice list. Missed me at @phlu (Ross Silverman, Southern Illinois University). - Ross Also: Thaddeus Pope @thaddeuspope, Lance Gable at @professorgable

Alfred Brophy

Bridget -- that's a lot of tweeting going on, it seems. As someone who doesn't tweet -- though I guess I am awakened every once in a while by tweeting going on outside my window -- I'm wondering when we'll have some discussion around the faculty lounge about why law faculty tweet. What's the attraction? What niche does this fill?

And -- Kim will appreciate this in particular, perhaps -- will you or she put up a post soon, "Why doesn't everyone tweet?"

Kendall Isaac

I tweet at @workplaceadresq - Appalachian School of Law

Rick Hasen

Thanks to Chris Zorn for mentioning that I tweet about election law at @Rickhasen, but I am now at UC Irvine. (Also tweeting about my upcoming book at @TheVotingWars

Ellen S Podgor

I tweet at @whitecollarprof
Stetson University College of Law

Michelle Meyer

Great list, and very useful, thanks! Some corrections and additions (not surprisingly, skewed heavily towards my own research interests):

Yochai Benkler now tweets @YBenkler; last tweet @YochaiBenkler was from 2008.

Additional law profs (NB: these vary widely in levels of (in)activity):

@jonathanmasur (Chicago)
@russellkorobkin (UCLA)
@greggbloche (GULC)
@LawandBioDigest (Nita Farahany, Vandy)
@aliciaouellette (Albany)
@qmulbioethics (Richard Ashcroft, School of Law at Queen Mary, U. of London)
@CaulfieldTim (U. Alberta Law)
@RuthStirton (U. Sheffield Law)

Law-trained faculty at non-law schools:

@StephenLatham (Director of Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics, Yale)
@jedperry (Josh Perry, prof. of Business Law and Ethics at Indiana B-School)

If law school fellows/VAPs count:

@rford (Roger Ford, Bigelow Fellow, Chicago)
@lawbioethics (Matt Lamkin, Fellow, SLS Center for Law & the Biosciences)
ahem, @MichelleNMeyer (Academic Fellow, HLS Petrie-Flom Center)

On that note, you might also consider adding the Twitter accounts of law school centers. General institutional accounts are probably not very exciting (no offense, e.g., @Harvard_Law), but the work of some profs is disseminated via the centers with which they're associated rather than through their own individual accounts, e.g.:

‏@yaleisp (Information Society Project at YLS)
@StanfordCLB (SLS Center for Law & the Biosciences)
@berkmancenter (now HU-wide, but retains HLS links)
@PetrieFlom (Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology & Bioethics at HLS)
@HeLEXOxford (Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies)
@PHLR_Temple (RWJ-funded center for public health law research at Temple Law)
@volokhcom (tweets alerts to new blog posts at Volokh Conspiracy)

@Al: YMMV, but for me, having a Twitter account serves two (sets of) purposes. First, my research interests are (a) highly interdisciplinary, and (b) involve fields where research is fast-moving (e.g., genetics). I use Twitter to connect with (primarily) non-law people in relevant fields (mostly scientists and science writers) with whom I might not otherwise interact, given academic silos, and who tend to first report their work or thoughts via Twitter (certainly faster than published work, and not everyone has a blog, even though it sometimes feels that way). Sometimes the Twitter musings of and conversations with these folks are useful. Other times, what I find useful is their links to various sources; it's a big Internet, and carefully curating one's Twitter feed can serve as a helpful link aggregator. In that respect, establishing a Twitter account in order to follow others isn't much different than regularly reading certain blogs or subscribing to their feeds.

That was my primary reason for establishing a Twitter account. But, second, once you do establish an account and begin following people, you'll find that people begin to follow you. (This may seem obvious, and probably should have been to me, but at the time I found it odd.) Some tweeps (I am not among them) feel an obligation to follow anyone who follows them, so you'll get followers that way, even if you never tweet yourself. But Twitter isn't like Facebook; relationships can be and often are unilateral rather than bilateral. So you'll also get followers whom you don't follow but who apparently think you have something interesting to say, whether because of your occasional tweet (or high-quality, carefully selected retweets), because of your institutional affiliation, or whatever. As someone without a blog, I now occasionally use Twitter as a "microblogging" platform myself. Microblogging has its advantages -- among them, my output can be low volume without alienating my followers (indeed, high-volume Tweeps tend to be more alienating unless their high-volume output is also very high-quality), whereas I'd feel pressure to regularly blog, and with (much) longer posts, in order to attract and retain followers. (Though I confess I sometimes spend an embarrassing amount of time trying to artfully squeeze a thought into 140 characters.) FWIW.

Alfred Brophy

Thanks for that explanation, Michelle--really interesting. I'm going to mull this some.

Renee Newman Knake

Bridget, Thanks for compiling this list, and for comparing the gender ratio--so interesting. Another tweeting law professor to add is my MSU Law colleague Daniel Martin Katz @computational

Joan Heminway

I tweet (rarely) @VolunteerTwit. Thnaks for maintaining a list.

Bridget Crawford

Thanks, everyone, for all of the additions and corrections to the list! Keep 'em coming. At this point, I'm not listing VAPs, fellows, group blogs or centers, but as Michelle Meyer points out above, there is much news of good work coming from those sources, too.

Tamar Birckhead

I tweet @juvjusticeblog. UNC Law.

Eric Goldman

A few other Santa Clara tweeters:


I compiled a list of Internet law/IP professor Twitter accounts at!/ericgoldman/internet-ip-profs/members

Terry Malloy

Tweeting while the Law School model burns. Sigh.


Is this post for real? I know it's summer and all, but c'mon! This is pathetic.

May I recomend some summer reading for you all?:

Alfred Brophy

Bob and Terry Malloy,

We talk about all manner of things here at the faculty lounge, including employment prospects for students. My colleague Bernie Burk put up an important post about this recently, which I think you both would find of much interest:

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