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April 25, 2011


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Jeff Yates

I think that the best advice is pretty simple - ask around - specifically people who have published with the presses that you are considering. You might ask them about both the before (acquisitions and editing) and the after (promotion) processes. It is often helpful if the person has published with more than one press, because then they have some comparative perspective.

Alfred Brophy

Jackie--a long, long time ago I had a post at propertyprof about selecting a publisher. I think it's still useful information:

And I big time recommend Susan Rabiner's Thinking Like Your Editor, which I discussed some at ratio juris:

That followed up on a post on the sad state of academic publishing:

But it may be that law books are an exception to the general bad news, because we can sell a few hundred copies to law libraries, which general academic books can't. Or maybe we don't have that advantage any more; law library budgets are crashing, too, it seems.

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