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Mitchell-Hamline Prof. Appointed to Judgeship

Professor Colette Routel, a well-known professor in the Federal Indian Law community, has been appointed to a judgeship in Hennepin County, Minnesota. In making the appointment, Governor Walz rightly recognized Prof. Routel as  “a brilliant lawyer who brings a unique perspective with her many years of experience as an attorney, tribal court judge, and law professor.” The full press release is here. Hennepin County has gained an important jurist, and it's a credit to the State of Minnesota that such a stalwart advocate for tribes was appointed to a judgeship. At the same time, the Indian Law Community of academics and practitioners will miss her sorely. Among many other accomplishments, Prof. Routel has been nothing less than a force of nature when it comes to writing amicus briefs in federal Indian law cases. Congratulations to Professor Routel!

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