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May 22, 2024


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I understand this seems to have "worked" well for your paper, as you surely have experienced in workshops, other people (or AI I suppose) might give you conflicting advice about what the positives and negatives of the paper are. This is the nature of scholarship.

Setting that side, do you have any confidence that this would be broadly the case? You might want to consider a caveat of the small-N problem. I have not used this platform, but having seen the pervasive falsehoods and many problems with others, I would need to see many more examples before even thinking this would be a reasonable tool. I know you are not necessarily advocating for this, but it seems like an obvious implication from your quick blog post saying it "worked" in this instance.


This is great. Astonishing but great. One question. How much to you think it's going to "novel application." ("Novel application of tax law analysis to the sugaring phenomenon.").

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