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March 16, 2024


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Ian Holloway

How about this one, Steve? The Abbey Tavern Singers were an Irish group that, because they featured in a beer commercial, had. No 2 hit with this song in Canada in 1966.

(Interestingly, the B side of this single, which I own, is a popular Orange Lodge song, called “The Captain of the Gallant Forty Twa”. As my late grandfather would have said, they were playing a shilling each way.)

Steve L.

Thanks, Ian. Great suggestion. Although the Clancy Brothers also recorded it, I am pretty sure "The Gallant Forty Twa" is Scottish" about the Black Watch (just confirmed by Wikipedia).

Pete Wentz

Hey Steve, here's a pretty interesting one about the Irish fleeing during the famine and coming to Chicago,

Not sure if it fits your subjects, but a pretty sweet song.

Steve L.

Thanks, Pete. I was not aware of this great song. It would actually fit better next week, when the subject will be "Outlaws and Everyone Else," but I am very glad that you linked it here (especially given the Chicago connection).

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