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February 03, 2024


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Ben Finklestein

Midnight in Moscow Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen
check out the Beatles haircuts in 1962!

Midnight Confessions Grass Roots (with “Bella Linda” first up)
Note Creed Bratton (later of the Office) on Bella Linda

If I Never See Midnight Again”—Sweethearts of the Rodeo

Red State Kulander

Good 'Midnight' songs:

Midnight Radio - Big Head Todd & the Monsters

Midnight Sun - Helloween

Midnight - Coldplay

Livin' After Midnight - Judas Priest

Fire at Midnight - Jethro Tull

I would also recommend Roxy Music's cover of "In the Midnight Hour"


I get it: the blog is so boring and narcissistic (the Lubet Lounge) that the only comments are designed to prove that someone thought of a song, one half century old or more, that Lubet forgot or didn't include. (In legal academia, ANY activity becomes a competition for status and recognition!)
But, not one, not one single 75th Happy Birthday?
Happy Birthday, Lubet.
You've sort of ruined this blog, but you are a human being and I hope you are enjoying your big milestone.

Ben Finklestein

You don't get it actually. I posted my three songs because each is a favorite of mine and I wanted to share them with viewers of this blog.

Prof Lubet has not ruined the blog but enhanced it. I look forward each week to his weekend song contributions.

As for your contributions to the comments they are always and unfailingly negative to the point of being nasty. It's no wonder that you post as "anon." I fully expect this comment to elicit from you more of your abusive ranting.

Anon, you would do well to follow the advice that if you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at all.

Steve L.

Thanks, Ben. I always appreciate additional links from you and others.

I should have thought of "Midnight in Moscow" (though Vladimir Trochin's original Russian, from 1955, is "Moscow Nights," with lyrics; don't know why it was changed for the American instrumental).

Here it is by the Village Stompers:

And here it is in Russian:


Still can't say Happy Birthday to Steve, Ben?
Just have to berate me instead?
If you don't notice the change in this blog you didn't read it when it was in its flourishing period:
Many contributors (including some "conservative" voices) robust topics and debate (no censorship and stifling) and a wide audience of participants.
But, still, Ben adding those links was very, very good and beneficial. You have shared with the "readers" and they have nothing but gratitude.

A non


How do you also feel about having spent a career empowering people who are dead set on destroying Israel and throwing the Jews under the bus?


A non

I have read nothing on this blog that remotely resembles the stance you mention.

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