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December 02, 2023


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Cory Franklin

While their's was the Brill Building sound, technically Carole and Gerry worked in the neighboring building at 1650 Broadway (the Brill Building was 1619 Broadway).
Some lesser known but just as great tunes Carole King penned:

Walter Effross

So technically (and literally), their sound was Brill-adjacent?

Jeff Zeitgeister

I thought all those buildings were on Tin Pan Alley.

Howard Wasserman

They lived in the town in which I grew up; wrote several songs about the town.


I know this blog has abandoned all pretense of a free and open debate of topics in law (or culture for that matter) of any consequence, in favor of the banal, boring and often inane shell of its former self it has become.
But, where is David Frakt? He predicted the demise of certain law schools, based solely on the LSAT score of the incoming 1Ls. He refused to acknowledge that, at schools like GGU, his theory was more or less irrelevant. It didn't matter, because the problem was the faculty, not the students.
Now, it appears that, thankfully and at long last, GGU has discontinued its JD program. reuters[dot]com/legal/government/law-degree-program-axed-californias-golden-gate-university-amid-accreditation-2023-11-30/
David, nothing to say?

Bob Williamson

Dear anon (if that is your real name) if you cannot say something nice, it's better to say nothing at all.


Platitude: 1. the quality or state of being dull or insipid. 2. a banal, trite, or stale remark.

Yep. This is what this blog has come down to. Condescending trivialities.

Let's go back to dissecting boring pablum about the music scene 50-60 YEARS AGO, lest this blog return to its status as a place to debate a variety of views about THE LAW and LEGAL ISSUES in education.

Any voices that express ANYTHING more controversial than whether James Taylor dated Carol King in the 1960s must be SILENCED by the censor.

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