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November 08, 2023


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Hey nonny nonny

Thank you for bringing the conference to everyone's attention. As my basic questions about it may prove valuable to other candidate participants, I hope you don't mind my asking them here (before submitting my abstract + CV) rather than emailing the organizing committee directly.

1. You note "other legal and political efforts to shape and reassert normative views of gender and the family." Does that include YOUR OWN efforts, or are those strictly to be characterized as neutral, objective, etc.?

2. Will the conference be open to TERFs and/or other scholars who, using academic rigor and evidence, deny gender spectral views and/or hold that biological sex is basically binary?

3. Will the conference be open to traditional Islamic views of sexuality and gender and/or to scholars from across the Global South who correctly see in these sorts of discourses Western cultural imperialism in the form of sex and gender ideologies, and so who wish to discuss potential legal measures they can enact to protect themselves as matters of cultural safety?

Thank you again. I look forward to one of your committee members posting answers to these questions here.

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