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July 16, 2022


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The Rolling Stones, once truly contenders to honestly claim to be the "Greatest RnR Band in the World" have cheapened and demeaned themselves, in pursuit of clearly unneeded additional riches and, one supposes, a now nearly pathological quest for constant attention and adoration.
They haven't produced any new music worth listening to in a long long time. (Their concerts are mainly just oldies.)
Their "performances" are literally pitiful and sad. Watching Keith Richards trying to play, for example, is painful to those who, like Lubet remember what they once were, but, unlike Lubet, don't live in the past to such an extent.
The music posted by Lubet is almost solely from a certain era of his youth.
That era was great and glorious.
Perhaps once Lubet was too.
But, keeping focus solely on that era is as pathetic as the "Stones" are today. (Jagger and Richards being the only ones still out there.)

Jeff Rice

That the Stones have become an oldies band is certainly not news. They have been for a very long time and what a catalogue of hits they can draw on. With the possible competition from The Faces, they ruled for long enough that they earned the title. AS is often the case, criticisms of Steve's choices and comments reflect some shallow assumptions. One of my favorite performances of the Stones playing Wild Horses is with Florence and while she and Mick cannot really sing well together, it is great to hear her just about anytime. But that is not my point. I listen endlessly to Bach and Beethoven though original performances were never taped. They, no doubt, played their early work into their older years. Likewise, my favorite two violinists, David Oistrakh and Nathan Milsterin played Beethoven from the age of 20 until their deaths. Over and over again. And no one complained that they were merely greatest hits artists who demeaned and cheapened the repertoire through repetition. And Oistrakh commissioned many pieces by the best Russian composers of his own lifetime. I would not wish to compare Keith to Oistrakh but when you can do something better than just about anyone else, go for it. And let the rest of us enjoy and celebrate. AS for "Wild Horses". For me, it has to be Gram Parsons and the Flying Burrito Brothers. That is the best. And for Bach's Unaccompanied Sonatas, for the dozen or so recordings I own, Milstein and Grumiaux remain the best, despite both being dead. I like Steve's taste, most of the time. If you don't, fine. We dont have to hear that week after week.


Those who trade in shallow assumptions and hyperbole shouldn't throw stones (pun intended). You don't hear anything "week after week" about Steve's "taste." That sort of childish "you always" is beneath you.
You really do need to get acquainted with the bios of Bach and Beethoven. Sorry, but one just can't compare the 79 year old Keith Richards. He never could sing; now, his attempts are almost more painful than watching him try to play (even though he tunes to open chords, he still has great difficulty, and sometimes just starts playing the wrong chords completely). His presence and conduct on stage are, to him, amusing (he frequently appears amused at the absurdity that anyone is paying to see his pitiful performance).
In any event, the "Stones" are not even the Stones. It is Mick and Keith (and his buddy Ron Wood) and a huge cast basically playing for them. Recently, Wood has turned up his guitar to cover for Keith's mistakes. Wood was never a great player: a great guy, apparently. A great guitar player, not so much.
Watching "the Stones" do "Street Fighting Man" and "Sympathy for the Devil," or OMG, "Midnight Rambler" almost brings tears to the eyes of anyone who loved the Stones when they were the Stones. (One supposes that you approve, BTW, of "Well, I'm talkin' 'bout the midnight
The one that closed the bedroom door
I'm called the hit-and-run raper in anger
The knife-sharpened tippie-toe"
What is motivating them? That they still make so much money? The attention? Mick does appear to actually love what he is doing: but that is a function, as I said above, of a seemingly now almost pathological narcissism.
This is like watching Ali trying to fight when he no longer could.
Enough is really enough.
And, the fact that Lubet still dwells on, or thinks anyone cares, whether Mick denies that he wrote a song about Marianne Faithful is, well. I think you know.


Why delete a link to a famous performance by teh Stones of "Midnight Rambler"?

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