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July 21, 2022


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Looking at the headstones (depicted in the article) one sees, quite prominently, references to service in the CSA, and rank information. The symbol at the top of these headstones is not familiar, but likely has some signficance.

SHould these headstones be removed? Is not the prominent display of gravestones honoring the soldiers who fought for the CSA just as offensive as the flags?

The shot of the vandalism where a statute was torn down speaks volumes. Is this not the perfect visual depiction of what is being debated?

A non

It'll be another five years before Old Glory is widely denigrated as the symbol of an illegitimate, white supremacist, settler colony foisted on indigenous lands. Question is, will the same folks who damn the Battle Flag acknowledge this?

A non

"The Supreme Court’s selective history"

Now write a piece entitled "The Progressive SCOTUS Justices' Selective and Systematically Disingenuous Sociology".

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