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July 07, 2022


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Red State Kulander

Second year they are advertising this. On a whim, I applied last year as a tenured lateral. I didn't even get a rejection email. Not a good look, CU. Maybe they didn't care for my "equity and diversity" statement they required with the application. 🤔


Protest much? Look at their recent hires. This year they hired someone with a Duke Law degree and someone with degrees from Yale and Oxford. Someone with a Tier2 law degree who is teaching at an unranked school is not competitive given the current pool of candidates, both entry and lateral. I've been there myself; it's not great, but it is the reality. Agree they should have at least sent a letter, though.

Red State Kulander

"Protest much?" I don't get it.

I have/had zero chance, but my tavern gives out free longnecks for FOAD letters. I want one, damnit.


You two are coming to the attention of the Big Brother who rules this site now.
You have found this little niche in which to post your censorable comments, but it is likely that he can't allow that. Not with the pride of one who rules with "unreviewable discretion."
It won't be long now until your comments are deleted, forbidden and forgotten, even if posted in response to posts by persons other than he who rules this site.
He has made a policy. No comments.
He had declared this, in his "unreviewable" discretion. How dare you defy him?
RSK: you have had your FOAD letter.

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