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July 12, 2022


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Red State Kulander

Paragraph breaks!


Has the ABA indicated any intention to follow up on Golden Gate?


BTW, have you once again posted the same entry twice?
One is waiting for Big Brother to rush in to delete comments under the pretext of removing the duplicate!
Remember the Blue Meanies (silencing Pepperland)?

David Frakt

The ABA hasn't said anything about Golden Gate or any other school lately.

David Frakt

I don't know why my posts are double posting.

Greg Sergienko

These are just my personal comments based on working in start-up law schools.

I'm all for new law schools because they offer a chance to design a program from a clean slate.

I'm glad that they have an experienced and respected dean. They've got experienced starting faculty, too, so I don't anticipate any problem teaching this fall's courses, but they have a lot to do as next steps to get to substantial compliance.

They don't seem to have a librarian. Librarians do a lot more than maintain custody of the books and physical space.

They don't seem to have anyone to do academic support or advising. Faculty often underestimate this because faculty teaching individual courses can miss how much this helps.

They will need to hire more faculty for next fall.

They will need to prepare for an accreditation visit soon and develop all the policies and rules to support that. If they're just going to port over some other school's policies, they'll miss the chance to think for themselves.


They're doing several unusual things to be sure.

But they do have a librarian and they do have an assistant dean for student development, which presumably translates to an academic support person.

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