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June 17, 2022


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How sad that, after everything that's come to light in the last few years, you actually believe the drivel being fed to you through that political theater.


Knowing who you are---you do indeed need legal advice---I expected nothing less from you Anon.


And I expect nothing better from you.

What sort of legal advice would I need, pray tell?


I too was impressed by teh Pence profile in courage. And, almost all the other actors in the WH. Is the goal here to prove the system works and that republicans, almost to a person, are principled, honorable people trying to do the right thing?

Or, being cynical, are the republicans hoping not only to disqualify Trump, but set up Pence as the nominee?

Oh, and BTW, this anon is not Anon. That said, I deeply resent Ediberto threatening the way he does. This isn't the first time. "I know who you are ..." sounds like "I know what you did last summer" (a horror movie). Combine that with "you need a lawyer" and you get the picture.

Ediberto, these unseemly threats and attacks are wrong. Again, I am not "Anon" but I feel that something needs to be said here.


Should have said, "are democrats hoping to set up Pence as the nominee " ...


Hi anon,

No, you really ought to have said "are the Democrats and the Republican establishment hoping to set up Pence as the nominee?" It's a desperate effort by the ruling class to return to the pre-2016 status quo ante and so expect GOP voters to just go full-blown "Oceania was always at war with Eastasia, NEVER Eurasia"...

Threatening or otherwise, Ediberto's remark was quite amusing. I'm nonetheless happy for him to out me by noting with specificity what sort of legal advice I could possibly even require - in any area of law.


I dunno. Ediberto is willing to identify himself. It's the rest of us sniping anonymously. Maybe you all shouldn't whine if you aren't going to show as much courage and transparency as him--particularly when the whining in question includes the insinuation that you know as much as he does. Prove it. Don't post anonymously.



This tired old debate about anonymous posting is really so old and worn out that it deserves litte response. But, to briefly address your specious and risible contention (anonymous posters need to "prove" they know "as much as Ediberto does"), the fact is that this site permits anonymous comments (when it permits comments at all).

Some with privileges delete comments they don't like, close comments (in part or entirely), etc.

So long as anonymous comments are permitted by the policy of this site, to threaten those who do this perfectly allowable action (commenting) with the need for a lawyer is simply unseemly and, frankly, creepy.

Do you threaten your students this way when they submit evaluations? ("I know who you are, you better seek some legal advice.") Stunning, Really stunning.

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