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June 21, 2022


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Anonymous Bosch

If y'all get together to regurgitate the Indeterminacy thesis and Critique of Rights (even with CRT's quasi/pseudo-backlash against the latter) to one another, repeating the mantra that they create spaces to advance your (partisan) politics at every turn, then how are you the DEFENDERS of the rule of law (a mere ideology, as Tushnet's latest piece reminds us), constitutional rights, and a democratic form of government (a rule-constituted-and-governed set of institutions) rather than their rapists?

If the law is simply, and always, a vehicle to advance your policy preference of the moment, then why should people who don't share your beliefs ever trust you, live in community with you, respect what you say, or even abide by the rule of law vis-a-vis you? Your real aim is simply subversion, after all.

If you are indeed "charged" with teaching the law, in whichever way you claim, why isn't that duty itself indeterminate?

Will the undemocratic and reactionary quality of SCOTUS be remedied simply by packing it with partisans of your liking? Will that render it more democratic, somehow?

"A recurring tactic of oppression is to overwhelm and exhaust resistance..." Indeed, it's quite clear what the corporate media, Hollywood, and university administrations are doing. DEI uber alles.

Anonymous Bosch

"Best practices to disrupt racist and ableist constructs of legal education..."

STEP 1: Dismantle and disavow your own theories. Their ideology and conceptual apparatuses clearly utilize and advance racist stereotypes. (I don't mean that hyperbolically or rhetorically. It would even be funny were it not so obnoxious, hypocritical, and disingenuous.) Crit legal theory warrants a thorough series of "deconstructions" and intellectual spankings.

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