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March 09, 2022


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Some of us still want to know her LSAT score!


It seems her main appeal is that she has demonstrated antipathy to Trump and Republicans.

For zealots, hate of one's political enemies (and commitment to destroying them) and identity are the paramount considerations. This hatred is known as "empathy."

Presiding over a handful of trials is a qualification for the SCOTUS? Please. How many tens of thousands of persons in this country have had more experience than she presiding over trials? OBSERVING at trial? My goodness, how low can the bar be set?

When one hears the folks on, e.g., MSNBC, decrying censorship and bias in Russian news sources, it is truly Orwellian.


Steve, would you have written the exact same column if a nominee with trial court experience was proposed by a Republican president?

Steve L.

PaulB: Here is my column defending Samuel Alito:

Here is a post criticizing RBG:

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