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January 05, 2022


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A non

I look forward to this - and to the eight conservative SCOTUS appointments in 2025.

I also look forward to a future where, instead of majorities, concurrences, and dissents, each SCOTUS member drafts his or her own opinion (as was done in England). Each opinion should be no less than 50 pages, though. Not only will this undermine the Court's functionality, it will also help to murder the casebook method.


And if 8 conservative justices are appointed in 2025, how would that be different than the situation on the court today? At least a country where a majority voted for Democrats in 7 of the last 8 presidential elections would have a SCOTUS that reflects its will for a few years.


"a majority voted for Democrats in 7 of the last 8 presidential elections"
The last 8 presidential elections:
1992 D
1996 D
2000 R
2004 R
2008 D
2012 D
2016 R
2020 D
D got 5 of the last 8, not 7 (4 of 8 being a tie).
Go back 10, and it is a tie. Go back 12 and the Rs clearly have it.
Moreover, Clinton never got to 50%. He won in 1992 with 43% and in 1996 with 49.2%: pluralities, not majorities.
So, as Justice Sotomayor says about facts and law for the left, "Empathy."

A non

Oh Hugh, nothing gets passed you...

If only Perot would have won in '92. America would be in far better shape today.

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