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January 29, 2022


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k t megreat

As everyone knows, Patsy Cline was feeling drowsy when she recorded "Crazy," and thus delivered an overwrought, subpar vocal. Books have been written. One of these books mentions this drowsiness, and now, everyone knows it and repeats it. Many astute purveyors of arm chair music criticism have speculated that the cause of Cline's drowsiness was a late night with Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson in a trailer park outside Des Moines, debating the relative merits of modern art, which, as everyone knows, was then so poorly executed as to resemble the untalented Pablo Picasso's worse than average attempts to produce anything of value.

Chris Kulander

Quaffing your tears on a Saturday night always puts a smile on my face. Thank you for being so good to me!

We should meet again someday, in person. To *hash* out our musical differences, of course...

Red State Kulander

For the rest of you: the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame is in the small town (but also county seat!) of Carthage, Texas. He is such an icon in that state that his birthplace* was chosen to serve as the museum location. It's worth the drive down from I-20 to see it on a side trip if you're driving 'tween Dallas and Shreveport.

As for Pasty Cline, the Cowboy Junkies do a fine cover of Walkin' After Midnight.

*actually, Murvaul, a long-gone road siding nearby. Cemetery is still there, however.

Bill Hawkins

Some Patsy incunabula: That headband she wears in a couple of the clips covers a scar Patsy received from an auto accident. She went through the windshield.

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