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January 13, 2022


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This is the second legal writing instructor to be appointed a law school dean. A trend among independent law schools? Vermont Law School's acting President and Dean was a legal writing instructor, and the person appointed their Dean for Faculty was the head librarian.



The key to answering this question is to determine the criteria by which "merit" is assessed.

For example, no "featured publications" are mentioned in her faculty profile. A search of SSRN revealed none, though perhaps some published scholarship is there and was missed in the search. In any event, it doesn't appear this new Dean has shown a propensity to committed scholarship evidenced by meaningful scholarship and publications.

It appears she has been on the faculty there for fewer than 10 years. There is no mention in her profile of any contributions or service to the community at large.

She "worked as an employment litigation associate at major law firms in New York and Boston."

So, the question is: what were the criteria to serve as Dean of this law school that were used to screen candidates and to choose the most qualified?

One is sure that this candidate met and exceeded all of the requisite criteria and excelled at each of the relevant benchmarks.

It would be helpful, for the benefit of the law school community as a whole, to know what those criteria were, so that the law school community can move forward into progress as has New England Law.

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