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January 04, 2022


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This is yet another instance of compelling evidence that our medical system is deeply broken, and, in the main, incompetent to serve the majority of the people most of the time.
No one even thinks anymore about medical breakthroughs. (Cure cancer, diabetes, heart disease, CKD, psoriasis, Alzheimer's, the COMMON F'ING COLD? Of course not!)
The medical community has gotten away with bilking the public for the most money as a share of GDP in the world, while basically offering "diet and exercise" as the answer to every malady. (They actually have the chutzpah to play this card to excuse the failures of the mRNA vaccines.)
Before the recent pandemic, Johns Hopkins rated teh US as the country in the world best prepared to deal with a pandemic of respiratory illness. They didn't even have PPE on hand. No ventilators. No tests. ICUs that can handle a fraction of the number of patients that can be expected in even a mild pandemic or worse.
They go along blithely, acting like they know it all and are never wrong. It is so pathetic.
CURE CKD! Don't go looking to use desperate people as instrumentalities to provide "harvested" organs for the wealthy. Very few wealthy people will donate a body part, save perhaps for a family member.

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