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December 07, 2021


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Kimberly Krawiec

Sorry to hear this. Judith was a wonderful person. She'll be missed by family, friends, and colleagues alike.

Bernie Burk

I had the privilege of overlapping at UNC with Judith for a number of years. She was the most generous and supportive colleague you could ever hope for. Whatever you were thinking about doing, she had ten good ideas for how to move it forward, and wanted to know what she could do to help. She was unique and extraordinary.



Judith was one of my mentors when at started at UNC. I vividly remember how supportive she was of my work as well as my personal well-being. She was a giant in the academy--her voice and spirit of generosity will be missed.

Al Brophy

She was a lovely person. I am really sad.

Jamila Jefferson-Jones

I had the privilege of serving on an AALS site visit team with Judith. I learned so much from her. She was generous and served with such integrity. She was a great person who will be greatly missed.

Rebecca Flanagan

A huge loss. She was my Property professor, and later, my mentor as a law professor. She was generous and kind, intellectually curious, and just an all-around wonderful person.

Bill Turnier

Judith was on a quest for progress in everything she did. I was honored to serve as one of her two Associate Deans at the start of her deanship. One of my principal charges was to create an enriched environment for faculty at UNC. That provided for a lot of fun for me and our faculty. She never rested in her effort to improve legal education for benefit of students and the ultimate consumers of legal education, the general public.

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