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December 15, 2021


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Scott Fruehwald

What is your view of the situation at CUNY Law School? NY Post: CUNY law students warring with faculty members over anti-Israel resolution at

Steve L.

Scott: I will have something to say about that next week.



Wow. Censor any discussion of the broad-based racist, sexist, ageist, etc. attitudes of so many on the left, in the context of you, once again, grinding away on one aspect of it?

Doesn't seem like a "policy" to censor; seems more like just an ego thing.

Bill Gainsborough

To anon: Say what?



Steve deleted a comment that pointed out that beyond the religious biases he decries above, the regular demeaning among those on the left of "white people," "males," "the old," cis gender, etc. is now a daily occurrence. It is demeaning and really beyond belief coming from those who profess to believe in equity for all.

I have no idea the reason that comment was deleted. I could guess, but then this comment will be deleted too!

Anon - but not the previous Anons

Anti-Semitism is a bigotry that spans the political and economic spectrum. But the left does a very good job of couching anti-Semitism in the language of social justice, and this enabled by well-meaning progressives who likely believe that its an acceptable price in order to bring economic, environmental, and social, justice to the world.

In regard to the students and faculty at CUNY who support the BDS movement, no matter how you roll it, they - as a collective group - fall into this category. I am not suggesting that Israel is pure. It is far from it, but I think that concentrating a boycott on Israeli academia or Israel itself and permitting exchanges with other human rights violators is more than a marker of anti-Semitism

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