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September 11, 2021


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There can be no free speech without censorship.

Ediberto Roman

Not sure whether to smile or cry.

Ediberto Roman

Anon, I am pretty sure I know who you are, and wanted to know if you would be interested in submitting a piece for an immigration symposium I am organizing-- it's on the prospects of CIR. I would appreciate a diversity of perspectives. If I am correct re. your identity, I am sure you would write something provocative.


Should the anonymity permitted on this site, lulling those who comment into a free expression of views, be used to then enable site operators to intimidate such persons with references to "I know who you are"? Perhaps you should follow up with, "I know what you did last summer." (In case you don't get the reference that was the title of a horror movie.)

This post was about "free speech." So ironic.

In all seriousness, the FL is mainly the situs of a monoculture, with little recognition by those who run it and use it of the narrow mindedness of their interests and posts. If the goal is to limit the entirety of the discussion to the talking points and approved views of the "progressives" and to stifle any diversity of viewpoints by intimidation tactics, why not forego the "I know who you are" gambit and just do away with the ability to post anonymously?

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