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September 01, 2021


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Ediberto Roman

Thanks, Steve.


How about a face shield? You we look dorky but they are much more comfortable than masks...

Jason Yackee

My university (and county health authorities) don't count a face shield as a "mask". So if you want to wear a face shield, you can, but you still need a mask. And a mask is not a neck gaiter. It has to be an actual mask.

I think most jurisdictions don't consider a face shield equivalent to a mask.

Enrique Armijo

Second the KF94. I ran some speaking volume tests with the fam before the first day of class and a KF94 lets the speaker be heard much more clearly than a K95. I wear one from 10:30 to 3pm on teaching days (except for the lunch break). It seems like the best possible option given the circumstances.

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