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September 07, 2021


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Paul Horwitz

Do you cover year-to-year changes? I would find it interesting--more interesting than how many have joined, although obviously interests may vary--to know how many have left. It would also be interesting to know how many describe themselves as active participants on Twitter, how many are avowed non-commenters who merely retain an account to read others' posts, and how many limit their usage to standard-issue self-promotion or the promotion of their friends or colleagues but do not otherwise post. Although the number of new entrants each year might still far outweigh the number of people who have entirely left the platform or keep a handle only to read but not to write, I should think those numbers are probably going up. (I certainly hope they are.)

Bridget Crawford

Paul raises some great points. In an earlier post here (, I reported fluctuations from 2012 to 2020, by number and gender of users.

Ryan Whalen has done a great network analysis of the census data (see, e.g., here:

I’m not aware of anyone who has studied frequency or nature of posts/usage by law profs on Twitter. My census spreadsheet is publicly available and downloadable by anyone, though. To the extent I have any other info that I can share with other researchers, I’d be happy to make it available!

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