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September 09, 2021


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It's a 90 minute drive to Gainesville. Florida is overrun with law schools. But, hey, as long as the feds are willing to underwrite any law school tuition without regard to whether or not most of the students will repay their loans, why not?


I too am glad to see InfiLaw go away, but I'm a bit put off by the self-serving, "if only they'd listened to me" nature of this post (which I suspect was the only reason this post was created).

Steven Lubet

Good post. Glad to see you back.

David Frakt

Steven - Thanks.

PaulB - UF is a highly competitive law school, ranked 21 by USNews, with a median LSAT of 165 and median GPA of 3.84, so it is not an option for solid, but not excellent students. UF's 25th percentile LSAT/UGPA is 156/3.52. For students in the 3.3 to 3.5 GPA range with a 150-155 LSAT, there is no good option near Jacksonville. The two law schools in Orlando (2 to 2.5 hours away) are both bottom 20 schools (Barry and FAMU). FSU is just over 3 hours, but is also highly competitive to gain admission. Stetson, in the Tampa area, is nearly 4 hours drive. Florida International and Miami are both about 5 hours drive. In fact, Georgia State, in Atlanta, is slightly closer to downtown Jacksonville than Miami. Jacksonville is thriving and could definitely support a law school.

Howard Wasserman

FWIW, that 3.3/155 probably is not getting into FIU. Or if she did, she would be at the low end of the entering class.

David Frakt

Good point, Howard. FIU is definitely getting more competitive. And they deserve to be, as they have one of if not the best bar pass program in the country.

From 2020 509 Disclosures:
LSAT All Full Time Part Time
75th Percentile 159 159 159
50th Percentile 158 158 156
25th Percentile 156 156 150

UGPA All Full Time Part Time
75th Percentile 3.78 3.79 3.78
50th Percentile 3.65 3.65 3.64
25th Percentile 3.35 3.41 3.04

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