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September 23, 2021


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Jeff Rice


Setting aside some board seats for rank and file workers might help too!

Joseph Price

Steven Lubet

I appreciate the clips, especially Joan Baez and Billy Bragg. Warren Beatty for historical interest only; otherwise, not so much.

The Soviet Union billed itself as a "workers' paradise," which was false almost from the start. Workers were rebelling by 1921; peasants in Ukraine were driven to famine -- the Holodomor -- in the 1930s.

Warren Beatty's John Reed was an enthusiastic singer, but the Soviet Union abandoned The Internationale in 1944 (and John Reed was dead by 1920).

Jeff Rice

Sad that many aspects of a worker's paradise were doomed from the start and certainly any more by Stalin. One thing that left wing politics could not overcome was the hostility of Russia towards Ukrainians, Jews and others.
AS for the song, workers in all countries have a right to unionization and if only the left works towards this end, the Soviet and Chinese failures should have little influence on one's opinion about worker's rights. This extends to NU workers. As clearly, Lubet and Myself, both products of and employees in Northwestern University believe. I still say, power to the workers (but not power to the soviet).

Patrick S. O'Donnell

Pigs will fly when Posner the younger comes out in favor of unions. In any case, should anyone want to learn a bit more about unions, then and now, in this country and elsewhere, you might consult (or browse through the titles of) the third and last section (The World of Work & Organized Labor: History, Politics…) of my bibliography, Workers, the World of Work, and Labor Law available on my Academia page.

Here’s a comparatively few number of titles I quickly picked out which are of a more generalized nature by way of providing an introduction to the various arguments on behalf of unions, the recent history of unions, and the possibilities for unionization and labor movements in the U.S.

• Aronowitz, Stanley. The Death and Life of American Labor: Toward a New Worker’s Movement. London: Verso, 2014.
• Freeman, Richard B. and James L. Medoff. What Do Unions Do? New York: Basic Books,
• Freeman, Richard B. and Joel Rogers. What Workers Want. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1999.
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• Greenhouse, Steven. Beaten Down, Worked Up: The Past, Present, and Future of American Labor. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2019.
• Lynd, Alice and Staughton Lynd, eds. Rank and File: Personal Histories by Working-Class Organizers. Chicago, IL: Haymarket Books, 2nd ed., 2012.
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• Quigley, Fran. If We Can Win Here: The New Front Lines of the Labor Movement. Ithaca, NY: ILR Press, 2015.
• Yates, Michael D. Why Unions Matter. New York: Monthly Review Press, 1998.


Power to the workers? Do you mean your adjuncts, housekeepers, nannies, gardeners, etc.? Sure, next, please tell us about your "power to the people" youth.

Experience has shown that the conduct of the left wing, self-appointed "junta" toward its "lessers" is always exceptionally exploitative, abusive and demanding.

Reading these folks debate about Stalin and Mao and this version and that version is delicious.

Talk about not being able to see the forest.

A non

Yeah, awesome. Solidarity for the union.

Accordingly, stop millions of illegals from crossing the border, deport those who are here, and stop using the bullshit idea of "sanctuary cities" in order to exploit poor uneducated brown people as cheap labor.

Bernard Saunders

"John Reed was dead by 1920"

They thought Joe Hill was dead, too. The organizer's spirit will never die

Here's Billy Bragg's version of the Internationale:

Down with unequal sharing of profits; up with equal sharing of misery!

Which side are you on?

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