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July 10, 2021


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Ediberto Roman

Some funky ole dudes.


The Rascals and Youngbloods were about as far away from "funk" as you can get. They weren't "Funky dudes" and their music wasn't even close to "funky."

And, they weren't "ole" when almost all of these videos were made.

Moreover, they wouldn't have gone by the term "dude" in those days.

These music videos are part of the Lubet nostalgia project: revisiting the music of his youth.

For Lubet, from what we've seen, musical contributions began in the late sixties and ended sometime in the 1970s. He will enjoy seeing one of the originals reperform the originals, but, I think even he would agree, these can't match the look and feel of the original presentations.

The original presentations were a huge moment in America's cultural history. A moment to respect, not denigrate with inapt and loaded labels like "funky old dudes."

The comment "some funky ole dudes" is like looking at the music of another culture and then saying something really about the PEOPLE making the music to reduces them to "old" and mislabels there musical style and contributions: there is something factually wrong, culturally insensitive and inappropriate about this comment.

I would give an analogy, but, that would be just as offensive.

Vaughn Miller

Lighten up "dude"

Those who preach tolerance would do well to practice it.


Are you tolerant of racist/ethnic slurs, Vaughn?

In an environment where some are so quick to accuse others of "microaggressions" etc., those same folks seems surprised and outraged when their standards are applied to them.

Vaughn Miller

I see no racist/ethnic slurs in Mr Roman's comment.

The last part of your comment "those same folks seems surprised and outraged when their standards are applied to them" is ironic. You intend it to apply to me but it it also applis to you.

I am done with this unprofessional chain of comments so don't bother to reply. I won't read it.


Typically immature and emotional response. Blurt out an illogical and inapplicable retort, and then run away.

First, isn't it up to a person targeted by an insensitive comment to determine how that comment affects that person? I resent labeling these talented musicians as "Funky ole dudes." It is irrelevant that you can't see the negative connotations of that remark, especially when thrown out by someone who has repeatedly on this web site written about "his people" as compared with and distinguished from "anglos" and "gringos" ... including about how these respective groups party, drink, dance, express emotions, behave in the professional world and love their families (talk about stereotyping and generalizations!).

Second, for you to support this not so subtle swipe makes you complicit. Do you support all others when their micro aggressions against other groups are noted, or, do you only come to the defense of someone slurring "funky ole dudes??

You don't need to reply, because you have already said all there is to say in defense of your stance. It is a pitiful defense.

Again, this debate would quickly end were I to retort with an analogous comment about some other group of musicians ... But, were I to do this, I suspect Vaughn would be first in line to condemn it.

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