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July 12, 2021


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Stephen Diamond

I hope all those US academics (including many law professors) who took "solidarity" tours to Cuba to see "socialism" will now speak up in support of this burgeoning movement for democracy in Cuba. At the same time it is incumbent on the US government to lift all sanctions on the island country - sanctions only play into the hands of the authoritarian regime there.

Enrique Guerra-Pujol

One of the remarkable aspects of the Cuban protests is that it was sparked, in part, by a popular Cuban hip hop song called "Patria y Vida." I blogged about this here:

Scott Fruehwald

La Muette de Portici by Daniel Auber supposedly sparked the Belgian Revolution of 1830.

Patrick S. O'Donnell

Not surprisingly, little to no discussion of this:


Of course, it was a hip hop song that caused the people of Cuba to realize their plight.

Ediberto Roman

Enrique, if you would like to send me the post, I can repost---Anon, you are a tough cookie---perhaps not the basis, but maybe it became the match...??? I am unfamiliar with the song or the freedom movement---that is the term I hear in all videos--"Libertad"-freedom. Powerful to witness. Steven, I appreciate your position. I am more conservative than you on the embargo--I do not believe the embargo was ever effective because the U.S. was largely the only country, at least for the last several decades, enforcing it.

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