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July 06, 2021


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Bobert McRobertson

I count precisely zero answers to any of my questions, anon. And I think they are pretty straightforward questions given the weird level of alarm over oOoGy BoOoGiE sUpEr ScArY cRiTiCaL rAcE tHeOrY.

But maybe you're right. For example, I don't have the slightest clue what you mean, specifically, when you refer to the "foundational notions of a society," nor am I aware of any efforts whatsoever to destroy them somehow, whatever they are.

Perhaps you can help me. I repeat one of my questions from above, with a couple of follow ups: Who, specifically, is teaching anyone that some races are inherently racist and evil? Any actual evidence whatsoever that this is some kind of widespread problem? Or is all this stuff just made up nonsense?

I'm pretty sure we all know the answer to that last one.


Does socialism now mean that others must do your homework for you, Bobby McGee?

Bobert McRobertson

Got it. Making stuff up. Thanks for confirming.


Bobert, I bet you really do take that to constitute a bona fide confirmation, rather than your merely engaging in schoolyard rhetorical tactics. And I bet you also think you're a mature, professional scholar engaged in the pursuit of truth and justice too, don't you? :)

Bobert McRobertson

I am not the one making the claim that students are being taught that some races are inherently racist and evil. Extraordinary claims, such as that one, require extraordinary evidence.

But you have come up with a grand total of nothing. Not even a single, isolated case, much less something suggesting some sort of widespread problem. Nor anything connecting such issues - were they to exist, which they do not - to CRT.

Absolutely nothing.

You don't need to be a scholar of any kind to see that. Not that you really believe what you're saying anyway.

Bobert McRobertson

OhHhHhH nOoOoOoOo CrItIcAl RaCe ThEoRy Is GoInG tO dEsTrOy ThE fOuNdAtIoNaL NoTiOnS oF a SoCiEtY tHrOuGh uNsPeCiFiEd AnD pUrElY iMaGiNaRy MeAnS!

Bobert McRobertson

Anyway, as a mature, professional scholar, I shall now retire from our discussion. Mature, professional scholarship awaits.


Here are some resources for those who are oblivious to the newer versions of CRT, or who claim that these versions of "CRT" do not identify as a problem any particular "race" or falsely claim that these advocates are not pressing for widespread "teaching" of their views:

https: [//] nmaahc [dot] si [dot] edu/learn/talking-about-race/topics/whiteness

https: [//] www [dot] aei [dot] org/op-eds/theres-some-truth-in-those-bizarre-charts-about-whiteness/

Hey, Bobert, do you agree that "Facing [one's] whiteness is hard and can result in feelings of guilt, sadness, confusion, defensiveness, or fear"?

Of course you do, Bobert. "Whiteness" is shameful, is it not?

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