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June 24, 2021


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Come on Ben Sasse! Super smart and consistently anti-Trump.

Ediberto Roman

Thanks Anonprof101. I need to educate myself more on Ben---love to learn. Much appreciated.


Ben Sasse is the paper tiger of morality. All talk (he wrote a book on how corn detasselling gives kids character) but almost always votes in lockstep with the hard right. I would never count on him to be your hero to take a stand. More like lead from behind.

Anonymous Bosch

Cruz a classic Trumper? Oceania was always at war with Eastasia, never Eurasia?

While Romney was narcissistic and ignorant enough to run as the candidate in 2012 when the GOP knew it stood no chance, it's doubtful he is unaware of the extent to which more than just the base holds him in utter contempt today.

Haley was being groomed for the role long before Trump came along. She stands for nothing and is of the correct gender. So, she can serve as a useful puppet for the GOP establishment, which wishes to steer its party away from something that approximates conservatism and back onto the path of the long neoliberal night.

Anon An0n

This is well-meaning but detached from the reality of the Republican Party. Although it's tempting to view Trump as merely the last gasp of racist old people, that analysis is badly off the mark. The GOP has long has a significant split between its elites (who tend to skew libertarian and establishment) and its base (who, while they have both tendencies are much more old-fashioned conservative than we tend to think). Trump spoke to the base and triumphed.

This creates a weird situation because the base is, for lack of a better word, largely morons. Voting for Trump doesn't necessarily show that, but believing the election lies does. And the GOP establishment I think was a little surprised that the base was quite so dumb as to believe Trump about the election. There's no way a candidate who openly opposed Trump has a serious future in the Republican party. The divide is going to be between the largely elite establishment who know Trump is lying and change the subject, and the insurgents who see a path to higher office by going all in on the big lie. A lot of people are pinning their hopes on DeSantis as someone who can have his foot in both camps, but he can't keep up that dance forever.


Anon AnOn

"This creates a weird situation because the base is, for lack of a better word, largely morons."

Hmmm. Let's think about that one and pretend that those who accuse others of being "detached from reality" are not. All we have here is the hate and schtick that substitutes for "opinion" on outlets like MSNBC.

You need to study your voter stats.

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