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June 11, 2021


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M. Harrison

Perhaps the decision to remove Dean Varona was in the best interests of the law school. Perhaps it wasn't. Regardless, a law school cannot operate without a dean and so of course there is now a search and an appointment will be made. Individuals can decide whether or not they want to be considered for the position (and the circumstances of Dean Varona's removal will obviously be a relevant factor to many prospective candidates). But to embrace the idea that -nobody- should be interested and that all of this is just a picket line or other theater is to be profoundly mistaken about the responsibilities of an institution to its students, faculty, staff, alumni, and broader community.


Personally, I cannot imagine anyone wanting to be dean at a University that behaves in this manner even if you do reject the picket line analogy.

Ediberto Roman

Good arguments Harrison--made me ponder them. My question: who create this situation? Should those that are offended by merely know their place? AnonProf, once again, we agree--terrifying to each of us,, I am sure!!!

House of wax

This really is a fiasco. Maybe there are power hungry people out there, but I would think most (good, competent) candidates would be wary of jumping into the middle of a situation like this.

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