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June 29, 2021


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I wonder if left leaning members of the academy understand the deep hypocritical way that they lecture others about supporting a "bad" person in any way.

In the world of left wing extremists, one wrong remark or action, even when one is a teenager, may disqualify a person from public service. They will go on and on in their condescending, mean spirited way, about any transgression: by a Republican.

But, when it comes to their own, not so much.

Ok, I get it. The left doesn't get all over Jew haters like they do "white people" because many (most?) of them hate Jews too. SOme of the them (unbelievably, given the wishes of the Jew hating left to see Israel destroyed) are Jews.

What of the latter? To those Jews who spew left wing hate rhetoric day and night, who have forgotten every principle of the role of the press, who have become merely party hacks, can you tolerate teh Jew hate that you SUPPORT by supporting "the left"?

Lubet speaks out against it. How many others?

you who watch only MSNBC and CNN, are you following all the stories about hate crimes against Jews?

Anonymous Bosch

I just want Lubet to know that, whatever delusions he might tell himself, he's spent the greater part of his adult life helping people like this get into positions of power.


Unfortunately for my American Jewish friends, the pendelum at some point will swing back to the other extreme as inevitably it always does. There is an enormous groundswell of opinion in large swaths of the United States increasingly realizing the extreme Left is essentially destroying the Republic. Once the movement achieves critical mass (which it inevitably will) you folks will be getting it from both extremes.

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