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May 28, 2021


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Anthony N.

The letter mentions what is the likely reason he was fired—for being a staunch advocate for racial and social justice. I can imagine a potential or current donor, alum, or politician disagreeing with any of Tony’s statements on the insurrection or racism in our justice system, policing and communities. This person (or persons) may be threatening not to support the school unless Tony is fired. The political atmosphere in Florida makes this even more likely. I know many deans have faced some backlash for statements on the insurrection and the murder of George Floyd. I have received some backlash from alumni for my statements. The President and Provost at Univ. of Miami may have decided it was more important to appease a donor or alum or politician instead of supporting Tony’s right to speak out. I’m guessing it was a donor because the president referenced fundraising in his statement to the community.


Yes, this is increasingly sounding like it’s politically motivated. I feel bad for the fine faculty at the University of Miami (not to mention students and alums) as the school’s reputation is really going to suffer. I’m glad Dean Verona is suing though as I cannot wait to see what comes out in the course of discovery.


Seriously this is a total shitshow. Firing him for nothing but political and possibly other animus is bad enough, but to fire him so publicly and with such a disrespectful and defamatory email to the world? WTF?! Total incompetence at the top. A spineless president and provost.Out of control trustees who apparently know nothing about the law. The fired dean appears to be the only one with class, professionalism, and a conscience. Seriously, WTF.

A non

Don't forget the other aspect of his intersectional identity: the bourgeoise/managerial class of European-descended Cubans who fled the progressive revolution in their settlor colony island (90 miles offshore of the USA) in order to live on a different indigenous people's lands instead...


A non - you don't think a bourgeoisie/managerial class runs Cuba? Ha.

Anon 4

a lawyer named Daniel B. Ravicher has tweeted some stats appearing to show that UM's bar passage rate was in the 1st and 2nd place among Florida schools in the 2016-17 era under the prior dean, then began a declining trend under that dean and then accelerated under the recently fired dean. now the bar passage is on a par with Barry whereas under the prior dean the UM passage rate was about 50% higher than Barry.

is this a reason for the firing? i could imagine that the school would be reluctant to publicly trumpet such a reason.

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