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April 08, 2021


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In general, I agree 100% with Lubet here.

The sequelae of long COVID are well documented. For example, loss of taste and smell. Not to disparage fatigue, etc. this symptom is objective and not likely to be feigned. The other attributes of long COVID, while perhaps less clear cut, are real and I agree cannot be dismissed as depression or some other such explanation.

Here is what I am wondering about. The medical establishment is so often wrong, as Lubet points out. Yet, he uses Fauci as the talisman that the left has turned him into, "well, if Fauci says it, it must be true."

NOt to go off on the topic of Fauci's copious and obvious failings and grievous errors, the bigger point is this: WHen will we, collectively, start holding the medical establishment responsible? Take a look at the numbers: deaths caused by medical errors, benefit for the dollars spent, preparation for known risks, utilization of resources, etc.

It is well past time that the national media stop acting like a high school paper that attacks folks not in the clique and aggrandizes their friends and really look into this ongoing problem for all of us.

Lubet is motivated to find fault on this issue, I suspect, as he has written about it many times here in teh FL. Let's broaden that interest to include all us!

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