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April 02, 2021


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You'll be happy to know that I am speechless on the merits of what you have said here.
It doesn't matter to me if you throw a bone to the evil Orange Man, your perspective on us as a people makes me, quite literally, want to vomit in despair. I consider you to be a good and honorable man. If you feel this way, then maybe we really are doomed to repeat some of the worst atrocities in the history of the world.
I grew up thinking America was different from other countries. I was taught to believe this because, at least as we were taught (i.e., in our ideals, if not our practices) America was a place that didn't see the world the way you want us to see it. We found fault with ourselves, and especially with authority OF BOTH PARTIES, and especially with the organs of control. We sought to come together and accept one another, and people all over the world too, and to make a better world. Not a perfect world: a better world.
ANd, more than anything, we tried to realize that we are humans, not masters of one another, imperfect and striving but better when we feel valued and accepted.
Please, Ediberto, get a copy of almost any recording by Sly. Especially, "everyday people." What was he saying?
What were the values of that moment in time, when suddenly hippies were putting flowers into the barrels of rifles, held by the soldiers come to put them down, and the soldiers were crying too?
Your attitudes and outlook are not unusual, but just so sad. And so destructive.
I applaud you for being positive and your attempts to be objective. I salute your obvious intelligence and what appears to be your truly good heart. If I were your student, I think I would be proud and grateful.
Please, Ediberto, think about how you judge.


African Americans consistently choose to vote for Democratic candidates at rates greater than 90%. In a close race, this means that 20% of the Democratic candidate's supporters are Black while only 2% of a Republican candidate's votes will be African-American. Claims of supporting diversity by a Democrat or criticism of a Republican's appointees must be viewed in this light.



Pandering for votes and attempting to garner air time and "prestige" is what drives much of the favoring of some and heinous attacking of others' immutable characteristics, for sure. (I'm not accusing Ediberto of this, but he obviously has been led to believe this sort of mind set is appropriate.)

What I find even more disturbing is a segment of the media -- a large segment -- that day after day, hour after hour, minute by minute, openly and shamelessly besmirches persons by reference to their race or gender or sexual orientation. Just tune into MSNBC, for example, or to CNN. It is as though the KKK took power in Bizarro World, where everything is the same old hateful sh.., just with the roles reversed.

How did we ever come to this? I understand: for some, it is just payback. But, really, isn't this getting a bit out of hand?

A non

"How did we ever come to this? I understand: for some, it is just payback. But, really, isn't this getting a bit out of hand?"

It is, and always, a naked power grab. The rhetoric of equality, justice (corrective and social), etc., is belied by the absolute contempt held for (1) the rule of law and (2) the white poor. The Dems smell blood, and think they're on the cusp of a shift that will consolidate their power forever.

Little do they realize, or care to realize, however, that the the rest of the world - the parts that meet replacement rate, particularly - consciously reject their narrative. This is the decline and fall of the American empire and the Anglo-American global dominance since the world wars. Domestically, the question is whether the sheeple will merely acquiesce (per Orwell's proles) to these totalitarian endeavors, or will take more interesting action instead (albeit probably too little, too late).

Have a nice day!

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