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March 08, 2021


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I think the argument would be that his actions were a form of support for BDS. Of course, to their way of thinking, professors who support BDS must, by definition, refuse to support any contact with Israel that would violate a "boycott."

Lubet is correct that inducing detrimental reliance on a promise is a different and independent matter. Based on the post, it is difficult to evaluate both sides of this matter, but, no matter. It was for the Univ. to weigh the merits, and it is hard to believe that this process was governed by Jews who were out to vindicate Israel by disciplining a professor. In any event, this has zero relevance to the West situation.

On the issue of BDS, the problem, IMHO, with the BDS movement is that it is based on intellectual dishonesty: the supposed "occupation" of Palestine. Unfortunately, for many if not most of these folks, the State of Israel itself is an occupation, and the fact that Jews live there and support it, is the problem that must be solved.

And, the way of solving this problem seems too often to involve advocacy of far more than denying a student a letter of recommendation.

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