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February 03, 2021


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Ediberto Roman

Thanks Steve! One of the greatest songs and tributes in Pop Rock history!!

Steve L.

Thanks, Ediberto. It is probably the greatest ever popular song about popular songs (which does give me an idea for a Saturday post).

Walter Effross

The backstory of a Buddy Holly performance not posted above:

Steve L.

Thanks, Walter. Sorry about the delay, but the spam filter catches comments that include hyperlinks. I added a couple of Sullivan show links at the bottom of the post.


Richie Valens - only 17! What a loss.

Fred Baxter

Nice choices.

Some little-known facts relating to Buddy Holly:

1. Waylon Jennings gave up his seat to Ritchie Valens on the ill-fated plane because Ritchie was suffering from the flu.

2. The Beatles derived their name from Holly's back-up band, the Crickets. Lennon suggested the "Beat" spelling based on "Beat Sound", as the style of music played by the Liverpool early Beatles was then called, possibly because it was heavy on the backbeat.

Bill Turnier

Several years ago Don McLean was given a ticket in Rockland, Maine near his home in Camden. He was not driving a Chevy but a Chrysler. It made the local newspaper. Not a lot going on there which is one reason it is a good vacation spot.

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