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January 23, 2021


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Why do you hate Hefner?

Geez, it seems like an inexhaustible reserve of ill feeling toward others.

Hefner's hedonism was his schtick. He actually was a quite brilliant marketer, and, of course, wildly successful peddling material that could not even be called "porn" ... .

The elevator in the intro to the episode with Ike and Tina doesn't suggest in any way that they were at the Playboy Mansion.

And, the LIVE performances! Outstanding. (JB notwithstanding) Unlike the faux lip synching that likely brought tears to your eyes at the recent swearing in. This is called authenticity.

So, why all the shade, Steve? Why do you think all these giants in the music industry appeared on this show? Geez, when you were a kid, did you hate on so many people as you do now?

Aldo Reine

Dynamite version of "THis wheels on fire>" by the later Byrds. Crosby and most of the original Byrds have flown. Roger McGuin is the only original Byrd left. Clarence White plays an awsome lead guitar.

Steve Diamond

Canned Heat! Blind Alan Wilson - what a to watch their transition from Monterey to Woodstock.

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