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January 13, 2021


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J. Bogart

"Indelible" debates?

Ediberto Roman

Sure--they are never ending and cannot be removed--kinda words I use when writing at 4:00 a.m.---but yes, not the best--but I like it.


Indelible is a fine word, Ediberto.

Welcome back.

Steve L.

Good to have you back, Ediberto. Great post.


Lubet seems to be worried to the point of preoccupation that Trump will win back the presidency.

Trump is 74 and, according to those in the bubble, he is politically finished.

So, why so worried about his ability to return to office?

Is all this posturing just to say "You can't" when he can't anyway, whether you say it or not?

That seems a bit weird, no?

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