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December 04, 2020


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As usual, Lubet provides a textbook example of how the "liberal" media mislead their constituents by omission. It may be true that one Republican threatened to move to GA to influence the upcoming Senate runoffs.

But, by citing that sole example, Lubet, again in textbook liberal press fashion, misleads the reader. He neglects to mention that this strategy has been advocated mainly by Democrats.

For example, “I hope everyone moves to Georgia in the next month or two, registers to vote, and votes for these two Democratic senators,” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman said in a CNN interview.

A story in the San Francisco Chronicle about how some Californians will “descend” on Georgia to promote Democratic campaigns got a lot of attention.

Lubet undoubtedly knows about these and so many other facts that show that Democrats have pushed this strategy. But, instead, he filters the truth to find some example of a Republican to besmirch, leaving readers with the impression that Republicans are cheaters.

What of the Democrats? Why is it that so-called "liberals" don't seek the truth, or objective analysis, but simply selectively sort out all facts that might implicate themselves in all the really questionable activities in which the modern "Democratic" party engages.

The Democrat press won't even report any facts that undermine a Democrat. It is the epitome of a totalitarian society that controls the press this way.

Sure, you are a baby boomer and half a century ago or more, you hung out in Berkeley and thought you were really cool.

WHere is that guy now, Steve? Is it really worth it just to feel like you have slandered your "enemies" to give up your principles to hold ALL of the government accountable?

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