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October 17, 2020


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Rich Worthington

Happy music for an unhappy time. Good choice



It's all baby boomer stuff from Lubet's youth.

That said, contemporary music was clearly superior then to what is out there today: and, in the main, far more unifying and uplifting, even when political and somewhat strident.

(These were the days of Nixon, so, don't be deceived into thinking that the Republicans are responsible for the hateful, intolerant, zealous, self-righteous tone of discourse today.)

So, for the younger folks, I suppose there is some value to others in these reminisces.

Anon does it again

Anon - Why? Why? Why? Lubet made no comment at all, just shared some music videos. You need to find something productive to do with your time. Or get your own blog.


Anon does it again

No love, no tacos!

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