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October 31, 2020


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Gary Rosin

I hadn't heard the Corrs version before. They and Ron nail it!

Ian Holloway

Thanks for this posting, Steve. It made me feel nostalgic. A few years ago, our law school celebrated its fortieth - Ruby - anniversary. As part of the celebrations, the Alberta Court of Appeal, our highest court in this province, held a ceremonial sitting in our Moot Court Room. It was on a Tuesday. The Chief Justice, who would have been a teenager when the original version of this song was on the charts, quoted the song in her remarks. It made a special day even more special, at least for the Baby Boomers in the audience.( I expect that many of the students didn't have a clue what she was talking about.)

Steve L.

Thanks for the comments, Gary and Ian. I wasn't aware of the Corrs' version either, until I began searching, nor did I know that 40 is the ruby anniversary.

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